Welcome to Quantum Days 2021, which is a conference for quantum scientists, technologists, and thought leaders in academia, industry, and government. Originally, a traditional, face-to-face meeting was planned in Ottawa in June 2020, but the pandemic has a way of changing our plans. Instead, we have embraced virtual-conference technology and are hosting this event with software that will bring to participants news of great quantum achievements, opportunities to interact with each other and with speakers, a job fair, an exhibition, poster sessions, and panels at the end of each day to discuss where we are and our vision for the future.

Alexandre Blais
Scientific Director, Institut quantique
 Université de Sherbrooke

This conference is the result of a huge amount of volunteer work and enthusiasm. Each of the three days has its own program chair and committee. The organizing committee has done an extraordinary job in rapidly putting together this virtual conference. NanoCanada is the professional organizer behind this event. Finally, we are grateful for our sponsors, who have made sure that Canadians can participate freely without a paywall. We hope you enjoy this event!


Kimberley Hall
Professor and Canada Research Chair, Ultrafast Science, Dalhousie University

Stephanie Simmons
Assistant Professor, Simon Fraser University

Lilian Childress
Assistant Professor, McGill University


Barry Sanders
Professor and Director, Institute for Quantum Science and Technology
University of Calgary

Hooman Hosseinkhannazer
Vice President of Business Development, Norcada

Christian Sarra-Bournet
Executive Director, Institut quantique, Université de Sherbrooke

Karl Jessen
Executive Director, Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute, The University of British Columbia

Janice Warkentin
Director of Business Development, NanoCanada

Patricia Tokunaga
Director of Operations, NanoCanada